Hi, I'mAbhishek

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Hi, I'm Abhishek.

I am currently, working as an SDE@Amazon.
I'm Up for SDE Roles and working on Interesting Side Projects.

My Profile KeyPoints:
βˆ’ Experience: SDE@Amazon, Ex-SDE & Intern @CloudPrompt.
βˆ’ Education: Graduated in CS from MMMUT, Gorakhpur.
βˆ’ Leadership Experience: Former Google Developer Student Club Lead, CodeChef Campus Event Lead and Google Cloud Platform Facilitator.
βˆ’ DSA: Solved 1000+ Coding Problems on various Platforms.


I have a huge interest in Problem Solving, Data Structure and Algorithms, System Design and Architecture, Front-End Dev, and UX/UI. Loooove to Develop & Design creative stuff.

For Fun I go to Gym, play Basketball, Read about finance and cook maggie.
Name : Abhishek Kumar Yadav
Date of birth : 1 January, 2000
Address : Gorakhpur, India

Coding Profile


Software Engineer @ Amazon

July 2022 - Present

β€’ Migrating 3rd party carriers from AFN (Amazon Fulfilled Network) Planner to MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network) Planner under 3YP Plan.
β€’ Completed 2+ Projects end to end, within time constraints which has an immediate business impact.

Software Engineer & SDE Intern @ CloudPrompt πŸ“„

May 2021 - June 2021 & March 2022 - July 2022| Bengaluru,India

β€’ Analyzed and reconfigured Host types which helped the company save around 20k/month savings
β€’ Improved front-end using React increasing user session by 8%.
β€’ Implemented various algorithms to crawl the different websites(including blocking) using different requests and API calls.

Former Lead @Google Developer Student Club πŸ“„

Sep 2020 –Present | GDSC MMMUT

β€’ Started Google DSC at my campus, and leaded a 25+ members team.
β€’ As a Google Cloud facilitator, trained 260+ peers to have industry level skills on Google Cloud Platform using Qwiklabs and live Workshops.

Event Lead @CodeChef Campus Chapters πŸ“„

Nov 2020 –August 2021 | CCC MMMUT

β€’ Hosted 5 events with more than 1500+ participants.
β€’ Increased average participation rate of in my college by 125%.


B.Tech in CSE |MMMUT, Gorakhpur

2018 - 2022

Intermidiate (ISC) | St Joseph's School, Khorabhar, Gorakkhpur

2016 - 2017| 92.25%

High School (ICSE) | St Joseph's School, Khorabhar, Gorakkhpur

2014 - 2015 | 91.80%

LKG to 8th (ICSE) | Jeevan Marg Shopia Secondary School, Deoria

2003 - 2013

β€’ Started to code.


I have a huge interest in Problem Solving, Data Structure and Algorithms, System Design and Architecture, Front-End Dev, and UX/UI. I have solved more then 1000+ Coding Questions on various Coding Platform and still couting. I enjoy solving Leetcode Problem and helping peoples in discuss tab.

In my college time I use to do freelance development where, I’ve done remote work for agencies, Local Shops, and collaborated with talented people to create web products for both business and consumer use.
I created successful responsive websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with best practices. Using front-end development, HTML, CSS, JS, React building small and medium web apps, features, animations, and coding interactive layouts.

As i moved to Industry after Graduation, i gained knowledge about other tech domain and Back end development. Where i learned about distributed architechture, Hight Level Design, Low Level Design.
Worked on multiple tier 1 large codebase Microservices and Backend Development with focus on design patterns, Scalability, Reliability, Consistency & Extensibility (coding across time).

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I’m interested in freelance & business opportunities, especially ambitious projects.
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Gorakhpur, India

Hyderabad, India